Great news everybody!

You can buy tickets to MeepleCon 2015 from today!

Head over to our buy tickets page or buy direct from our Universe page.

Be aware that you will be charged in USD, so if you have a credit card that is international currency friendly, use that one

We’re also giving some inkling on what will be on when… more details soon!

Friday (5pm-1am)
Events include

  • The Big Welcome
  • Johann Sebastian Joust
  • a tournament or two
  • Late Night Social Games.

Saturday (10am-1am)
Events include:

  • Kicket Arena!
  • Mad Hatter Dominion
  • 8 Minute Empire Legends Speed Clock
  • a tournament or two
  • Late Night Social Games.

Sunday (10am-8pm)
Events include

  • Fische Fluppen Frikadelln
  • the Flea Market
  • a tournament or two
  • The Big See You Next Year
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