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A huge thanks from MeepleCon 2015

A huge thanks from MeepleCon 2015

  • February 16, 2016

Thank you all for making MeepleCon 2015 so wonderful and pleasant. Seriously, if the community wasn’t so great and supportive, it wouldn’t be worth doing what we do.

We’d like to thank our the Melbourne Meeples committee and to Melissa, Fraser, Otto, Ben Turner, Trev McGuire for taking time out of their MeepleConto put on events.

Also thanks to the staff of Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre who were so supportive and helpful, GateKeeper Games for providing prizes for the tournaments, Unhalfbricking Games and Spieledeluxe Games for selling really great games and to all those that made the Flea Market so varied and interesting.

Thanks to Sye for his assistance with putting the guide book together and to all the other game designers who showed off their games to us. And to Rule & Make for donating Robots & Rockets (available at all good game stores) to our library.

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