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Lost and Found at MeepleCon

Lost and Found at MeepleCon

  • February 16, 2016

We lost a copy of The Game. It’s the German version and has the “On Fire” expansion. If you found it let us know.

We also had some people leave some games. We’re happy to hold onto the games if the owner’s don’t want them, but I really think they want them back. So if you or someone you know might have lost these, let us know at meeplecon (at) and we’ll organise to get them back to you.

So the first found is a copy of Survive! Escape from Atlantis. It doesn’t have any distinguishing features, but if it’s yours, please let us¬†know.

Also found is a copy of Escape: Curse of the Temple. It looks well loved and in fact has a delightful hand drawn reference sheet…


We really want to get this one back to the rightful owner!

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