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MeepleCon 2016 Thank you

MeepleCon 2016 Thank you

  • December 16, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to MeepleCon 2016, we’re glad that you had fun and without all of you MeepleCon would just be tables, chairs and boardgames sitting unplayed.

Big thanks to the Melbourne Meeples Inc. committee of Leif, Ashley, Ethan, Kerrin and Mark.

And to our major sponsor this year GateKeeper Games who did a fabulous job of getting people addicted to Star Wars Destiny (as well as Lanterns) and were also generous enough to provided us with prizes for our major tournaments.

Thanks to Reuben, Erin, Trevor, June and Bruce who helped during the convention by manning the front desk and/or running organized play and tournaments.

Shout out to the PAX Australia for use of part of their Library.

Thanks to our Designers who in Designer Alley showed us what games are coming, we look forward to seeing them in production!

And to the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre who have such a wonderful venue and lovely staff.

To PokeTime and Von Crumb for feeding us.

And a personal super big thank you to my wife Sharon who not only staffed the front desk for some of MeepleCon, but also who helped making badges and general emotional support

So when will we next see you?

Perhaps at NSEG (check the dates in the guidebook, but we’ll be adding the events in the NSEG Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers group, Melbourne Meeples page and of course on Meetup) or at OzBunnyCon which is now on sale at (and remember that if you book before the end of December you’ll save $5)

Have a fun and safe festive period and we’ll see you again next year!