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MeepleCon 2019 Announced

MeepleCon 2019 Announced

  • August 20, 2019

Same bat time(ish), same bat place.

MeepleCon 2019 will be held on the weekend of December 6-8 at Batman Royale, Coburg North. As we understand the venue better we’re making some changes to the way we organise MeepleCon.

If you attended OzBunnyCon this year, you’ll know that the front room it was held in wasn’t anywhere as noisy as the large room. So we’ll be spreading the tables between the two rooms this year, with retailers and stalls in the main room with the game library to soak up some of the noise.

We’re also shifting the Flea Market and looking to have more food options. Tournaments and organised play will be back and we’re keen to hear from you which games you’d like us to include!

Tickets will go on sale this month, so be sure to RSVP on Facebook and Meetup follow us on social media

We’re looking forward to seeing you there