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In 2015, MeepleCon moved to Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre.

The event was twice as large (both in physical size and attendance) as the previous year and became a three day event.

This was the first year with an official Designer Alley and multiple organised play and tournament events. MeepleCon 2015 spanned multiple rooms and had multiple retailers on site selling their wares.

The silent auction was replaced with the Flea Market and a Dexterity Lab was built to test the skills of our wonderful meeple people.

The Freeplay library contained the Melbourne Meeples collection, plus a selection of games from the BunnyCon and PAXAUS libraries.

There was a range of organised play and tournaments, including tournaments with prizes of gift vouchers from GateKeeper Games. Games could also be bought from our on-site retailers, SpieleDeluxe  and Unhalfbricking.

Plus the designer Alley was in full swing with the following:

  • Crew of the Caloram, designed by Michael Gray
  • Giant Snail Will Not Prevail, designed by Aaron Lim
  • Mages of Ebenor, designed by Michael Gray
  • Monsters Attack!, designed by Harold Kho
  • Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas, designed by Karl Lange
  • Road Rage, designed by Darren Broad
  • Robots & Rockets, designed by Sye & Tish Robertson
  • Rum Runners, designed by Sye Robertson

We had two podcasts visit us at MeepleCon 2015, Victory Pointers and The Campaigner.

And we even had a videocast come down. Games Vs Play who filmed their time at MeepleCon!