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Meeplecon, held on Friday the 6th of December until Sunday the 8th, is the annual Australian end of year celebration for all things boardgames.

Presented by Melbourne Meeples Inc and sponsored by Mind Games Northcote and Mind Games Melbourne, MeepleCon is sure to delight board gamers of all ages.

MeepleCon 2015, original image courtesy Ozludo

Dates & Times

Fri 6th Dec 2019: 5pm-11pm
Sat 7th Dec 2019: 9am-11pm
Sun 8th Dec 2019: 9am-6pm


MeepleCon will once again be held at Batman Royale, 14 Gaffney Street, Coburg North.

For additional details about the venue, including how to get there, visit the MeepleCon 2019 Location page.

What’s On?

There’s sure to be something for you, if you’re a new player, there’s plenty of friendly gamers willing to teach you games. And if you’re an old hand, it’s a chance to play the games you love and newer games fresh from Essen.

We will be updating the schedule as events are announced.


Opening of MeepleCon 2019


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Azul Learn To Play

We’ll have all three Azul’s and we’ll be teching them!


Friday Closing


Saturday Opening


Who is the mystery meeple?

Mystery Meeple Tournament

It’s back again. Which games will be involved? Well it wouldn’t be much of a mystery if we told you. But they do have meeples in them.


Keyforge Learn To Play

If you haven’t played Keyforge before we’ll be running a Learn to Play session before the tournament.


Keyforge Tournament

Sponsored by Mind Games.<br>We journey back into the world of the Archons. Jump in and let us find out who the greatest forger of keys is.


Blood on the Clocktower

Our village is quiet and secluded. But one amongst us is a demon… and there may be those that serve the demon. Uncover them before it’s too late…


Saturday Closing


Sunday Opening


Awkward Guests


Flea Market

Come find a bargain at the Flea Market.<br><br>NB: Finishes at midday.


Fische Fluppen Frikadellen Tournament

Once again, it’s the game that you’ve either never heard of or can’t remember the name of.<br><br>Race fourteen other players to be the first to find three fetishes by trading goods with food truck vendors across three different tables. Yes it’s strange, but MeepleCon is one of the only places you can play this unique game.


Flamme Rouge

The grand tour is happening at MeepleCon 2019. Can your team take the final flag?



Dozens of games and vouchers will be up for grabs Sunday afternoon in our annual Meeplecon Raffle, with all proceeds going to The Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal. Donated by members and our very generous sponsors, some hot titles in the mix include Estates, Ecosystem, Omen – A Reign of War Base Game. Meeple Circus and Western Legends, plus gift vouchers to Mind Games.<br><br>Tickets will be available from the front desk and the draw will take place at 2pm Sunday.


Closing of MeepleCon 2019

Events subject to change.

Open Library

MeepleCon 2019 will host three great game libraries for you to try throughout the convention.


Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite.

  • Adults, 3 Day Pass – $40 (+booking fee)
  • Adults, 1 Day Pass – $20 (+bf)
  • High School Age Kids, 3 Day Pass – $20 (+bf)
  • High School Age Kids, 1 Day Pass – $10 (+bf)
  • Primary School Aged Kids, free (must be accompanied by adult


Over the course of the weekend we’ll have our friends at Poke Time serving up fresh poke bowls, delicious Gyudon (beef bowl) and Chicken Katsu.

Also returning this year is the coffee loving Expresso Time who will happily provide your caffeine fix.

New this year we’ll also have Gaffney Place who will be providing burgers, pizza and popcorn chicken.

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