In 2018, the Grand Bazaar forms part of MeepleCon 2018. With a variety of retailers there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Milsims has Australia’s largest selection of games at fantastic prices.

With Board Games, Card Games, Jigsaws, Miniatures, RPGs, Wargames and more; we carry everything suitable for both regular gamers and more casual family fun.


The Warrior Hut

The Warrior Hut is a hobbies and collectables store located in Ivanhoe, Victoria. We stock cult sci-fi, fantasy, games, toys and collectables.



LudoCherry combines vintage clothing with tabletop gaming. The first LudoCherry collection will be launched on Kickstarter in early 2019, and will combine classic pieces with original textile designs to create a completely unique range of clothing.


Milky Mana


War of Heavens

Playtest War of Heavens before the project goes live on kickstarter in Jan 2019 and sign up to the mailing list and earn themselves an exclusive extra should the project be successful


ClueJar make games that think outside the jar. Our upcoming games GIFT (Good Interesting Fun Times) and Delivery Duck will be available all day to play.


Centennial Games

Centennial games is an Australian based game design studio based out of Sydney who develop indie board and tabletop games such as Kingdom of Aer Kingmaker and Crown de Fleur.