MeepleCon is an annual boardgaming event held in Melbourne Australia by Melbourne Meeples Inc since 2013.

Held on the first weekend of December, it features new releases from the International Spieletage (held in Essen, Germany) as well as older games including those from Melbourne Meeples library.

MeepleCon is primarily an open library event… where you can grab a game from the library, put it on the table and play. It also includes scheduled tournaments and special events.

MeepleCon 2013meeplecon-2013

The first MeepleCon was held at the Melbourne Chess Club in Fitzroy in 2013 and incorporated Convic 12.

A rather small venue, we were packed to the rafters with around 60 people.

Events included a silent auction (which was actually silent, but benefited the JVMF) and Power Grid Australia, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride tournaments.

And to our knowledge no one got any parking tickets!

View the MeepleCon 2013 photos gallery.

meeplecon-2014-teaserMeepleCon 2014

The second MeepleCon was held at the Edinburgh Gardens Community Centre in leafy surrounds of the Edinburgh Gardens.

With more space (and natural light) we had more visitors…. selling out with 100 per day.

Again held a silent auction (though it ended up turning into an actual auction) and ran Power Grid (10th anniversary Deluxe edition), Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride (10th anniversary edition) tournaments as well as playing Pandemic to cure Ebola.

This was also the first year we played Fische Fluppen Frikadellen with multiple boards. We even had designers demoing unpublished games.

And everyone loved the badges!

View the MeepleCon 2014 photos gallery.

MeepleCon 2015, original image courtesy Ozludo

MeepleCon 2015, original image courtesy Ozludo

MeepleCon 2015

MeepleCon moved to Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre for 2015.

The event was twice as large (both in physical size and attendance) as the previous year and became a three day event.

This was the first year with an official Designer Alley and multiple organised play and tournament events. MeepleCon 2015 spanned multiple rooms and had multiple retailers on site selling their wares.

The silent auction was replaced with the Flea Market and a Dexterity Lab was built to test the skills of our wonderful meeple people.

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