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MeepleCon, Melbourne’s biggest annual community run board gaming convention returns for 2022.

Held on 25 – 27th November 2022, MeepleCon is a celebration of board games.

Presented by Melbourne Meeples Inc and proudly sponsored by Mind Games Northcote & Melbourne.

MeepleCon 2015, original image courtesy Ozludo

What can you expect?

  • Play classic and new games from our large library with old friends and new faces
  • Participate in tournaments for prizes or learn how to play a range of games in our learn to play series
  • Buy a ticket or two in the raffle to win fantastic games donated from local board game stores and distributors, with proceeds going to charity
  • Peruse and purchase games and accessories from a range of traders and maybe even learn a game or two from the people who make them
  • Saturday only: Join in on our Saturday night trivia, have a laugh and see how much you know
  • Sunday only: Snap up some lovely preloved games in our Flea Market or sell some that have been gathering dust*

and more to be announced.

Please see the MeepleCon 2022 Schedule page for more details.

Dates & Times

Fri 25th Nov 2022: 5pm-11pm
Sat 26th Nov 2022: 9am-11pm
Sun 27th Nov 2022: 9am-6pm

Major Sponsor

MeepleCon 2022 is again sponsored by Mind Games Northcote and Mind Games Melbourne. Thanks to both stores for supporting Melbourne Meeples for few years.

Open Library

MeepleCon 2022 will host three great game libraries for you to try throughout the convention.


Pause Menu

The fine folks at Pause Menu (74 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065) will be at MeepleCon to show of a selection of games and to tell you all about their fine board game & Tabletop Roleplay Bar & Cafe (just minutes from the original MeepleCon venue!).

Appetite For Adventure

Check out Appetite For Adventure, the dice placement game of slaying ferocious monsters and cooking delicious meals for casual and hardcore alike, be among the first to try it out at MeepleCon 2022 before it hits Kickstarter next year.

The Warrior Hut

Returning for another year is The Warrior Hut. Shannon and his team sell all the finest board games, but also have a keen eye for geeky collectables.

Check them out at MeepleCon, they’re very friendly and you might find something you weren’t expecting.

Maluridae Dice

Maluridae Dice make handcrafted unique artisanal dice in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

View their beautiful creations at

Wyrd Wyrm Studio

Wyrd Wyrm Studio is the purveyor of boutique Viking tabletop — our flagship title ‘Vikingskip’ is nearing completion and we can’t wait to share it with you! Drop by to play a game, watch one in action & sign up for our newsletter if you like what you see.

Vikingskip challenges 2, 3 or 4 players to build the ultimate longship, gather a motley crew and out-sail your rivals to victory! At it’s heart, the game is about racing as a fleet across the globe to see who can bank the most plunder over four rounds. Players raid and trade with emerging locations, battle infamous longships from history and attempt to survive the schemes of their fellow captains…

Inspired by it’s many vibrant cultures and chronicles, Wyrd Wyrm Studio designs games which delve into the Viking Age like no other. We hope the detail and authenticity we strive to bring to the table inspires you to raise your horn and join our saga. Skål!

Jurgens Games

Jurgen’s Games will be showing off thier recently successful Kickstarter Deception: A Game of Lies.

Can you feel the heat of your friend’s pants when they’re on fire? Are you the kind of sleuth who can call them out before their nose starts poking you from across the room? Maybe you’re the kind of person who can stretch a story… someone who can lie their way out of any corner they’re backed into…

Deception is an equally hilarious and inquisitive strategic game designed to determine the ingenious interrogator and masterful deceiver. And it’s up to you to determine who is who!


KYNG: Tabletop games and accessories from designer Kyle Jarratt.

Stop by to collect your free copy of ‘Behind the Iron’ – a solitaire hand-management brain-burner that can be played entirely in hand. All you need to do is join the mailing list.
Kyle will be showing off various prototype games for playtesting, including the fan favourite from PAX; ‘Pharmacopoeia’ – a mid-weight, triple-layered set collection euro game.
You’ll also be able to try out and purchase a P’KUP – the board game accessory you didn’t know you needed! Protect your cards and enhance your gameplay by using a P’KUP to pick up, flip and rotate cards or even pick up a whole deck!
On Saturday only, Guest Designer Pawel Owsianka will be running games of his ‘Twin Realms’ prototype (2nd place in the ‘heavy’ category of the Board Game Workshop design competition 2022).  Twin Realms is a cooperative, legacy dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players, set in a primordial fantasy world divided into physical and spirit realms. 


MeepleCon 2022 will be held at Union Hall, La Trobe University, Bundoora.

For more details, check out the MeepleCon 2022 Location page.

Please Note

MeepleCon 2022 will be held in line with COVIDSafe settings.

  • have received the required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or
  • be under the age of 12 years and two months or
  • have a valid exemption

Proof of one of the above will need to be provided in order to receive your entry badge.

* Separate booking will be required for selling games. Flea Market only open between 10-11am Sunday 27th Nov 2022.