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Designer Alley looks to show off recent and pre-release games (at various stages) from local designers.

There will be games which are just about to hit Kickstarter, games that have just been published and games that are in prototype form (which you can play and provide feedback to the designers).

If you’re a local designer/developer/publisher looking to showcase your game (or games) in 2016 let us know by filling in this form.

Here are details of the games that will be in the Designer Alley in 2015.

crew1Crew of the Caloram

Designed by Michael Gray
Crew of the Caloram is a gateway level board game involving creative character setup, simultaneous turns and dice mechanics to form a light puzzling co-operative adventure where you take command of a crew of pirates to overcome challenges spanning across sea and land, trying to survive to reach the treasure at the end.

Giant Snail

Giant Snail Will Not Prevail

Designed by Aaron Lim
Giant Snail Will Not Prevail is a light competitive co-op where players race to build a giant robot to fight off an invading giant space snail, but only the player who has contributed the most to the world’s protection and safety will garner enough support to be elected President of the World after that.


Mages of Ebenor

Designed by Michael Gray
Mages of Ebenor is a light filler card game involving light area control mixed with non-aggressive ‘take that’ actions and optional character powers for added depth, where you take control of a Mage to fight monsters and present ‘Prestige’ (points in various forms) to the King to see who becomes a Knighted Royal mage of Ebenor.


Monsters Attack!

Designed by Harold Kho
Monsters Attack! is a 2-4 player, aged 10+ card base dungeon crawler, plays around 30 minutes. It’s filled with quirky illustration and silly monsters, where the adventures will battle for victory to slain the big bad Monster Boss and complete secret Quest. The monsters are not the only thing that they have to worry about, there are deadly traps, poisonous potions and their brothers and sisters-in-arms may be plotting against them, because in the land of monsters, there can only be One Champion!


Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas

Designed by Karl Lange
You are sailing the seven seas in search for buried treasure, but you are not the only one…
In Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas, 2-6 players captain a fleet of ships to explore the seas in search of treasure. To win you must collect treasure you find on islands before your opponents or sink their ships before they have the chance to do the same. A game of skill, luck and pirates – this swashbuckling adventure will have you immersed in this exciting world, whether you reign over the seas through your vast wealth or your feared name. You must be quick witted and decisive as you sail your ships, dig for gold, build your fleet, and battle your adversaries. So me hearties, will you captain your way to victory and become the ruler of the seven seas? Or will you be sent to Davy Jones’ Locker?

road rage

Road Rage

Designed by Darren Broad
Road Rage Rampage is racing game in two phases. Phase 1 involves adding features to your car to get to move faster, attack other cars and defend their attacks. This is done using a deck-building mechanic. Phase 2 involves playing that deck you built and racing the other players. Phase 1 is strategic, phase 2 is tactical.


  • Sensei – a dexterity/dice rolling martial arts fighting game
  • Minneapolis Match Makers – a worker placement, set (pair) collection game
  • Zusa – an abstract tile/card laying, deck-building game


Robots & Rockets

Designed by Sye & Tish Robertson

Robot tourism is booming and as the new hotshot travel agent stationed on the moon — the solar system’s most famous travel hub — you are tasked with the vital mission of getting tourist robots to their choice of interplanetary destinations quickly and safely.

Robots & Rockets is a competitive card game of interplanetary tourism for 2 to 4 players. The goal is to have the highest number of robots in your rocket fleet at the end of the game.

Rum Runners

Designed by Sye Robertson

Can you supply more rum than your rivals to the thirsty pirates of Tortuga? As an ambitious tavern owner you need to hire rum runners to bring you rum, which you can sell for a profit!

Rum Runners is a pick-and-pass drafting and set collection card game for 2-6 players.


Spy: Goonz

Developed by Platypus Industries
Welcome to SPY:GOONZ, the fun and cooperative miniature board game. The game that pits players and their teams of GOONZ against the pesky heroes, while serving under the chilling gaze of the evil Mastermind.
Your task will be to complete the doomsday plan of the Mastermind in a speedy manner before the hero can ruin the well-planned schemes of your dastardly boss.
Keep the Mastermind pleased by undertaking tasks throughout the Facility while evading the Hero and the incompetence of your fellow GOONZ.