While we will have our open library available right through MeepleCon, we have organised some specific opportunities to play specific games at… specific times.


The below is a list of events from 2016. The schedule for 2017 will be available soon.

Also check out our listing for the Designer Alley, which will run on Saturday and Sunday!

Please note, specific times for games may change.

Friday 5pm-1am

rollupThe Big Welcome

From 6pm

Where we welcome you to MeepleCon 2016. Because you’re awesome. And we like having you visit us.

Plus we’ll let you know where things are and what’s going on when.


9pm onwards
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Find the spies… unless you are one!

Which I’m sure you’re not…   right?


Late Night Social Games

Friday, 9pm ownards
When the sun sets it’s time for party and social deduction games.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, make friends and enemies all night long!
(no sign up necessary)

joustJohann Sebastian Joust

Friday, 8pm
In this 5 minute up to 7 player game your aim is to eliminate your opponents by making the move faster than the music that’s playing.
But beware, if you move faster you’ll eliminate yourself. Last player standing wins!
(no sign up necessary)

Saturday 10am-1am


Fische Fluppen Frikadellen

Saturday, 11am (TBC)
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Race between food vans across three different tables in Fische Fluppen Frikadellen!

Winner gets a something from a food truck.


Happy Salmon

Saturday, 1pm
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Race to ditch your cards in this silly but happy game

If there’s enough interest, we’ll be running three consecutive games and have the winners of each battle it out


Power Grid: The Card Game

Saturday, 3pm
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Play this new card game version of a Euro classic.

Winner receives a $50 gift voucher from our sponsor Gatekeeper Games, Fitzroy.

7w7 Wonders tournament

Saturday, 5pm
[button type=”btn_border” url=”https://goo.gl/forms/gJAGJRyLX1HngXpi1″ target=”on” button_color_fon=”#723f32″ ]Sign Up[/button]

Guide your civilisation through three ages, discovering technology, building wonders and warring.

Winner receives prizes to the value of $50 from our sponsor Gatekeeper Games, Fitzroy.



Saturday, 9pm
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Go howl at the moon! Play traditional Werewolf.


Late Night Social Games

Saturday, 9pm ownards
When the sun sets it’s time for party and social deduction games.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, make friends and enemies all night long!
(no sign up necessary)

Sunday 10am-8pm
fleaThe Flea Market

Sunday, 10:30am
Got too many games? Try selling them at the Flea Market. Or try and pick up a bargain.Want to register to sell games at the flea market?

Well fill in this Flea Market Form.


mystery-meepleMystery Meeple Tournament

Sunday, 3pm
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What will the mystery meeple tournament involve?

We can’t say… otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery!

Winner receives a $50 gift voucher from our sponsor Gatekeeper Games, Fitzroy.


Ice Cool 

Sunday, 5pm
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Those crazy penguins are running around class trying to get some fish. A dexterity game for all ages and skill levels.

Eight Minute Empire Legends Speed Clock

 Sunday, 1pm

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Making it’s return is Eight Minute Empire Legends Speed Clock. Play it like it should be played, fast and brutal. Each player has their own time ticking away, so they need to take their turn quickly, because if you run out of time before your last move, you loose.

farewellThe Big See You Next Year

Goodbyes, thank yous and a run down of what’s coming up next year.