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Designer Alley looks to show off recent and pre-release games (at various stages) from local designers.

There will be games which are just about to hit Kickstarter, games that have just been published and games that are in prototype form (which you can play and provide feedback to the designers).


the-brigadeThe Brigade

Alex Wynnter & Ben Hoban
Sat 10am-2pm

Rival fire fighters attempt to win the loyalty of the citizens of Tinderbox, who decided building a pyromancer university was a good idea.

Visit for details

monsters-attackMonsters Attack

Harold Kho
Sat 2pm-6pm

An easy to learn, card based, dice rolling dungeon crawler, laced with quirky illustrations and silly characters.


Karl Lange
Sat 10am-2pm

A competition for the best cut lawn has broken out! Will you focus on cutting & tidying your lawn? Or try & sabotage your way to success?

For details visit Ark Angel Games

spygoonzSpy Goonz

Platypus Industries
Sun 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm

Complete the doomsday plan of the mastermind before the hero can ruin the well planned schemes of your dastardly boss.

For details visit Platypus Industries Facebook


Adrian Walker
Saturday 2pm-6pm

Tenacity lets you fight off invading microbes with your white blood cell army using a combination of Liar’s Dice and Worker Placement

thinksqThink Cards

Andrew Lorimer-Derham
Sun 10am-2pm

The Think Square is a hand on do-it-all maths resource. Over 30+ games to build skills, confidence and a love of maths

For details visit Think Square


Daniel Epstien & Adam Zemski
Sun 2pm-6pm

Worlds first immunisation integrated card game! Battle friends with grotesque, lovable, collectable diseases. support vaccination.

For details visit


Niyi Adedoja
Sat 2pm-6pm, Sun 2pm-6pm

Treasure hunters, Adventures prepare to battle…. the legend of ‘Whooska’ is coming soon…

For details visit Whooska on Facebook