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MeepleCon 2019 Raffle

MeepleCon 2019 Raffle

  • December 1, 2019

Dozens of games and vouchers will be up for grabs Sunday afternoon in our annual Meeplecon Raffle, with all proceeds going to The Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal. Donated by members and our very generous sponsors, some hot titles in the mix include Estates, Ecosystem,  Omen – A Reign of War Base Game. Meeple Circus and Western Legends, plus gift vouchers to Mind Games.

┬áTickets will be available from the front desk (and we’ll probably be roaming around too) and the draw will take place at 2pm on the Sunday.

For those that don’t know about The Smith Family, they were formed in 1922 when five businessment returning from a trip to the Blue Mountains just before Christmas donated toy and sweets to an orphanage. Wanting to remain anonymous they used the surname “Smith”.

Since then The Smith Family have been donating toys and games at Christmas, but they also help disadvantaged kids get the resources they need to go to school, education being an important tool to curb the cycle of poverty.

So don’t forget to bring some cash on Sunday to donate to this great cause.

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