MeepleCon 2019 — December 1, 2019

MeepleCon 2019 Raffle

Dozens of games and vouchers will be up for grabs Sunday afternoon in our annual Meeplecon Raffle, with all proceeds…

MeepleCon 2019 — November 30, 2019

MeepleCon 2019: The Guide

This year we’re going digital with our guidebook. It’s still in the process of being updated, but you can currently…

MeepleCon 2019 — October 5, 2019

MeepleCon 2019 Sponsor

We’re excited to announce that MeepleCon 2019 will be proudly sponsored by Mind Games Northcote and Mind Games Melbourne.

MeepleCon 2019 — August 20, 2019

MeepleCon 2019 Announced

Same bat time(ish), same bat place. MeepleCon 2019 will be held on the weekend of December 6-8 at Batman Royale,…

MeepleCon 2017 — October 21, 2017

MeepleCon 2017 tickets on sale

Tickets to MeepleCon 2017 are now on sale at MeepleCon is returning to the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre, December…

News — December 16, 2016

MeepleCon 2016 Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came to MeepleCon 2016, we’re glad that you had fun and without all of you MeepleCon…

News — November 24, 2016

Flea Market 2016

We know you have games taking up space on your shelf that you’re just not playing. And that’s just not…